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Torsten Lenz

Torsten Lenz (*1987) is a Berlin-based filmmaker.



Some films you will be interested in:


A Raven called Poe
Buddhism Revolutions

Shorts & Music Videos

Endless Silence
Mors certa
MindNine: Braincut
The Flame



Current Location: Berlin

Languages: German (native), English (fluently)

International Work Experience: USA, Israel, Italy, France, Poland, Netherlands


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Latest news

“A Raven called Poe” – International Reviews

  30. July 2016

“The Raven” is selling well on Amazon Video, so let’s see, what international customers say:

4/5 Stars
“Fun, light-hearted, crime farce from Germany.”

5/5 Stars
“Einfach und mit wenig Mitteln produziert aber dennoch unterhaltsam!”

4/5 Stars
“A wacky, slapstick comedy of errors movie! All built around a crime boss’ raven named Poe (as in Edgar Allen Poe). Very funny in parts…very Keystone Cops, too. An original story! I liked it!”

5/5 Stars
“voll gut und lustig”


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