Torsten Lenz Filmmaker

Trivia Facts

  • Made with a budget of 3,500 Euro
  • Shot entirely wihtin 17 nights
  • Director Torsten Lenz and actress Katharina von Weber first met by chance on a hitchhiking trip. After they discovered that they where in the same business, they decided to work on a movie together.
  • Since all exterior scenes where shot without permission, the shooting was interrupted by the police several times.
  • To get a shot of a crow sitting on the sidealk, the crew put down some dog food and waited for a hungry crow for several hours.
  • Each shooting day, leading actress and co-producer Katharina von Weber made sandwiches for the whole crew because there was no money to pay a caterer.
  • The last 30 pages of the script where shot within 2 days – because the very next day, the beginning of construction work made the location unavailable.
  • The most expensive prop of the film was the stuffed carrion crow “Poe”.
  • While editing the film, director Torsten Lenz also worked as assistant editor on other movies to earn some money. Thus the postproduction of „A Raven called Poe“ took almost a year.