Torsten Lenz Filmmaker


A young woman takes her life. Her last memories revolve around an encounter that changed everything…

It was a bleak winters day in 2014 when director Torsten Lenz and actress Katharina von Weber came up with the idea to show the last thoughts of a young suicide victim. They felt this idea would provide the opportunity to tell the whole tragic story that eventually would drive the protagonist into killing herself by just showing its key moments, following the stream of her memories.
Excited about the idea, Torsten Lenz and Katharina von Weber decided to make the film entirely on their own. Costs where cut down to not more than 100 Euro, the film was shot entirely during day (unforeseenly the day of shooting became the coldest day in 2014) and edited within another day. Torsten Lenz brought in second leading actor Stefan Faupel and composer Vincent Strehlow, while he photographed and edited himself. Besides the four of them, there was no other crew member working on “Endless Silence”.

                                                         Endless Silence